Day 5

Training day 5, June the 3d, Sunday

And the last day begins…

As the whole teams gathers to have breakfast, although they spent most of the previous night hours preparing their projects, they seem super energetic and motivated to finalize their amazing projects. As the clock is ticking there are just a few hours left but everyone is running full of excitement to make the final adjustments. There is no time to waste and everyone is working really hard because the final time is closer than ever.

They are going through video editing, uploading content to their chosen platform and writing the final details of their project.As the facilitators shout “The time is up” everyone just yells and hugs each other out of relief.

After all these days, all this hard work it is finally over. They all made it! The projects are ready! They all gather up in the main room and after spending some time to reflect on the whole process its presentation time. One presentation goes after the other and the result is amazing. It is unbelievable that after only 1 full day there are 5 full projects.

  • Sharing Pita project with Maria and Marianna
  • Basic office ergonomics course with Vili, Reni and Kostas
  • Parkour with Tanya and Sam
  • Sexual education with Myrto and Sultan
  • Public speaking with Andreea, Estera, Maca and Alex

After the presentations, full of knowledge, laughter, emotions and personal satisfaction from the teams, the facilitators and the team members provided feedback to each project, telling their opinion.

Then they were all asked to check the list they made some days back on what they wanted and what they hoped to achieve in this training course and then compare them to the present. They all shared their opinions and how the whole training course made them achieve their goals and what they liked or not on the whole process.

The final step was for them to make a circle and sit relaxed with closed eyes as one of the facilitators, Alla, made a really emotional speech about how she experienced all these days. The whole project made a really tight group and everyone knew that this was the last part of this amazing journey. That ended with everyone full of emotions, a really big group hug and a promise that they will meet sometime, somewhere for sure.


The project was over, with everyone feeling full of knowledge but sad it had to be over. The free time for everyone to spent the last night together, to talk about their experiences and reflecting on the whole journey made them understand that it was an once in a lifetime experience.

They promised to meet again and sure they will…

Konstantinos Douvris (InterMedia KT, Greece)