Day 4

Training day 4, June the 2nd, Saturday

The Fourth day found them all after the breakfast, in big working room, with a surprise waiting for them. It was time for a theatrical play. The play’s name was “Online course” and they all had a role in this play. Once they all got their roles, it was time to dress up right and prepare for the show time. It was really a funny and informative play about user’s experience in the online reality during a course. They all had fun and they understood what an online course should have to be friendly to the user, easy to use, with all the important information and content inside. Through this theatrical play, facilitators also provided the group with the Check-list for the user of  online course, just a first glance at the online educational content.

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Then it was time for Moodle presentation where the facilitators introduced to the group a platform that seemed to combine all the others and to be a good tool they could use for their own projects. After that, the group spend some time to have a look at an already made online course on Moodle and talk about it’s pros and cons.

Finally, it was time for us to create our own projects. After the presentation of the ideas, the most well prepared and well thought ideas made lines, where everybody could join the idea he wanted depending on his preference. We presented our ideas infront of the camera, practicing our habilities to talk with online audience. 

The 5 teams were ready to work together to make great projects and the facilitators introduced the support system in which they all provided different kind of help during this process to the teams. Everything was ready as the teams stormed and started making their plans, creating content and booking an “appointment” at the support experts to get their useful guidance. Everyone was working with their teams, they were concentrated in their tasks and they knew there was no time to waste.

Konstantinos Douvris (InterMedia KT, Greece)