Day 3


Training day 3, June the 1st, Friday

The day started with different vibes in the air. As we still had time to implement the task of yesterday evening – the Lipdum challenge, one of the team got up early and headed to shoot some amazing dance moves! The other team was also working on the process to get a clear idea of what they wanted to film. Right after breakfast it was show time! We had a lot of fun watching participant’s Lipdum performance!

The first part of this morning session was a little bit different than other days. We were at a point during the training course where we had to clear our minds and really think about a topic that we feel passionate; to reflect on what kind of content we want to create and for whom. Since this is a specific and personal way to go through, we had a couple of hours for a small cognitive walk/break. All previous days were full of emotions and new experiences. The cognitive walk helped us to better understand, sort out our interests and strengths and clarify it all in a conclusion.

Even though, in general it sounds as an individual process, we stayed together as a group. We went to the Holloko castle, walked around the old part of the village where some bought souvenirs, other ate ice cream etc. Plus, we managed to explore the nature around Holloko by taking a walk on a beautiful wooden path.


When we returned back to Creative space house, the session continued with a short presentation of the basic rules of work when creating something to open public or a specified target group. Miki presented the Triangle of quality – what to think about when designing experiences.

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After lunch, the sessions were really exciting – we were about to have hands on real experience! First, our lovely trainers explained all technical details related to usage of cameras. Then, the focus was put on the various plans of shooting. We received some interesting tips to keep in mind while shooting in order to have great video content.

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Finally, we separated into small groups and explored on our own video making. One team decided to make a video about the weather forecast, other decided to teach people how to dance a simple Bulgarian dance. Third, got the idea to record jumping over a table. Forth, filmed how to play the wooden bricks game “Jenga”. As a conclusion of the experience we reflected on our videos (and we laughed a lot). Sometimes you have the great idea how to shoot it but when you see your “product” on the screen, it is often something totally different but…funny.

The second afternoon session took us deeper into the video making process. We had to make interview videos. It may sound easy but for part of the group was challenging to stand in front of the camera. It’s not that easy also to direct the camera in the most appropriate way or to keep the conversation going by asking the right questions. We tried to incorporate all we learnt during the day – starting from shaping the idea till directing the camera into the right angle! To know how to behave and operate with a camera is an art … and a whole science!

Once more, we ended the session and the program day with a small discussion on the taken videos while watching them. After, it was time to relax and spent some quality time full of pleasant conversations and jokes within the group. As we got so intrigued by the workshops through the day, we joined the night workshop on video editing with Miki and Ana. Great ending of an amazing day!

Velichka Atanasova Ikonomova (Alternativi, Bulgaria)